The time has come to recognize that all human beings have equal economic rights. The time has come to recognize that corporations are not just pieces of property but are something complex and alive, requiring a more nuanced set of human rights. Shareholder property rights can remain in some measure, but they must take their place alongside property rights for employees and the community. Aristocratic privilege must give way to economic equality, in a new corporate order that recognizes a constellation of economic rights. This is the fundamental principle of economic enlightenment: Because all persons are created equal, the economic rights of employees and the community are equal to those capital owners.

- Marjorie Kelly [taken from her 2001 book, The Divine Right of Capital]

I’m about half way through this book and so far I can honestly say it has been one of the most complete eye openers I’ve had my hands on. Kelly takes us on a rare tour of our own economic mindset and points out the absurdities of our flawed view of the corporate world. Just as the boy told the Emperor he was naked, Kelly pulls back the curtains on the assumptions and biases we unknowingly and passively agree to, thereby empowering the wealthy and perpetuating the cycle of oppressive labor and poor wages, all while stockholders and CEO’s run off with record breaking profits. It’s a must read. For anyone. Everyone. PERIOD.