The Newsroom: Will McAvoy Opening Rant

AKA my favourite 4 minutes of television ever.

Holy SHIZNATZ!! This is an ACTUAL program? Thought it was just gonna be a remake (re-do / reboot / whatever) of ‘Network’.

I need to watch this.


I remember seeing this preview and I was like… FUCK YES. 

I’m just gonna reblog this every fucking day until the election. 

my heart says, “mozel” to some of this (have reserves about parts of the rant BUT I digress)  But my brain…. my brain wonders… if dialog was written for a black man and the character was a black man (or anyone else of color for that matter), would this be as ‘powerful’?  BUUUUT I’m just going to ‘bypass’ some of those ‘smaller’ thoughts…

Aura says exactly what I was thinking the entire second half of his rant.

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